Tom Loves Angela

If you enjoyed playing Talking Tom Cat on your gadget, you will also have fun playing Tom Loves Angela. The adorable cat is back and now, he will try to win Angela’s heart with your help. Angela is the lovely white cat that Tom admires. You will love every moment of these two cute darlings together. Tom even climbed to the rooftop just to get a glimpse of Angela and to talk to her. Download this application on your compatible iOS device and start playing this hilarious game.

How to Use the Application

Download and install the application to start using it on your gadget. Tap the icon that will show up on your home screen to launch the main application. You will see Tom on the rooftop while Angela is on the terrace of her house. Say anything to Tom and he will repeat the words you say to Angela. Help him win her heart by saying sweet and nice words that Angela will love hearing. If you are feeling a little naughty, you may also poke Tom and even Angela using your finger. Tap on Tom or Angela to do this and see their hilarious reaction. If you want to see their terrified look, shake your device and there will be an earthquake. Watch them shiver by blowing on the microphone to make wind. You may think that the flower pot button on the screen will give Angela some pretty flowers, right? But this is not the case as tapping this icon will make the angry cat Ginger show up and throw the flower pot to Tom.

You can record this funny moment by tapping on the video record button on top of the game screen. Upload this on the Internet or share with your friends so they can also see the funny video that will make their day. If you want to see Tom blowing a kiss to the kitty of his dreams, swipe on him and you will see the sweet moment happen. Tap on the song icon and the two will sing a lovely song together. Angela will feel ecstatic receiving gifts from Tom. Tap the gift icon and Tom will give her a gift. You can also chat with Angela and she will answer back not only with chat messages but with her voice.

How to Chat with Angela

Tap on the brown scroll icon on the lower right corner of the game window to open the chat mode. Send your message to Angela by typing it using the keyboard on the screen. You may also use dictation and talk instead of typing. If you prefer to talk rather than type, tap on the microphone icon and start talking. Angela understands only one language and that is English, so make sure to use this when talking to her to have a great conversation. She is a smart kitty so you can talk about any topic with her including fashion, love, movies, celebrities, friendship and more. She is also a funny cat and she will be glad to share her jokes with you. Type “tell me a joke” on the chat screen and she will give one of her antics.