Talking Tom PC

Talking Tom is one of the most amusing video games you can play on your PC. It is child-friendly so even small children can play it. It’s non-violent and non-competitive video game. It was developed by Outfit7 and was released on various platforms such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. Talking Tom is now available online and you can also play it offline with your PC, through an Android emulator program. Many love the idea that Talking Tom  is now accessible on computer so there is no need for a player to go online or own an iPad or a Smartphone to play with this game. There are various downloading sites that allow users to download Talking Tom for free. Here is how to play it on your computer:

Install Talking Tom on PC

You can play Talking Tom on your computer by using a software such as BlueStacks, YouWave or Intel’s Appup. Simply follow the instructions to get it done. Regarding playing the game itself, is pretty easy actually. The main character that you will see standing in the center is a cat name Tom. You can play with Tom instantly as you open the game. Tom cat will be your instant pet. Tom will respond to you if you touch him. You can play nice with Tom by touching his body or head to make him purr. You can also be silly to him by poking his head, belly or feet. He will collapse if you poke his head and he will get angry if you poke his head and belly. Tom is quite lovable really. You can also feed him with milk, he will drink it heartily.

Are you thinking of giving a message to someone you love? Is it one of your friends birthday? You can send them a beautiful video message using Talking Tom. You may not know but Tom cat can actually talk. Say something to him and he will repeat everything you said with a funny and sometimes ridiculous voice. Isn’t it lovable? Sending a love message to someone you like using Talking Tom PC will surely make that special someone’s heart melt.

You can still enjoy staying at home on your computer since Talking Tom PC is now available. Playing with Tom can ease boredom and will eventually change you mood. The game will surely make you smile and ease away any stress. Are you somewhat bothered with something? Playing Talking Tom on PC will definitely make you laugh and forgot everything that’s bothering you. So what are waiting for? There’s no need for you to waste time get your own copy of Talking Tom game! The Talking Tom PC version hasn’t been launched formally by Outfit 7, but if you are creative there are numerous ways you can grab a hold of it!