Talking Tom Game

Talking Tom game features a friendly and obedient cat that repeats and follows whatever you say. Talking Tom is for all ages groups,  but it is especially popular among kids, for obvious reasons (Hey, a Cat who talks!) . This game is one of the most addictive android and iPhone apps. Tom is very attentive and listens carefully to what you say and repeat it back with a silly voice, which is amazingly entertaining. If you get the timing, this app is functional and very easy to use. It provides different environment to players due to its one of a kind game play. Dare to touch him and he will certainly talk back with his ridiculous voice.

You can intermingle with Tom and that includes: you can poke him, stroke him, feed him by pouring milk, and getting him to execute few other tricks. Talking Tom game is amusing for quite a while to adults but to kids he is very popular in the field of entertainment. This app is great especially when you want to see a doctor and you bring kids with you. While waiting at Doctor’s waiting room, you and your kids will not get bored when playing with Tom. Also, you can poke and watch him scratch the screen while you are on a train or on a long ride.

You can see a huge Tom on your screen in the event you open this app. Just do the following: touch him to interact with you or simply talk and he will listen then repeat the words to what you say. Several expansions packs has been released for this entertaining game, which includes Talking Tom 2, Tom and Ben newscast and more. People just can’t get enough when it comes to talking animals!

I can say that Talking Tom game is very useful especially when it comes down to stubborn kids. Tom can make your kids calm and quite. It is really simple to use where Tom is basically voice activated. Besides that, you can find few buttons that controls Tom to execute different actions or simply touch him by pressing the screen to poke or annoy him. But don’t worry – Tom doesn’t poke back! Or… does he?

So if I were you, I would absolutely download this app to find out how does it really work. Another good thing is that you can also record a video with Tom and share it with your friends via Facebook or YouTube. Send your messages to your peers using Tom’s silly voice. This could be fun!