Talking Tom For PC

Welcome To Our Talking Tom Fan Website!

Talking Tom is a cool game that features a cute cat called tom that repeats everything you say, and responds when you touch it – your very own virtual pet! You can make Tom talk, you can harass him, grab him by his tail, drag him and stuff of that nature. Because the game is so addictive and enjoyable, you can finally get Talking Tom for PC or Android – Who needs a real cat pet anyways?!

Play Talking Tom On PC Now!

Play Tom And Ben News, the newest addition to Talking Tom Series!

Meet Ben, Tom’s new co anchor! Tom and Ben News is the latest cool game featuring this lovely duo repeating everyday you say, fighting with water guns, presenting the news or just insulting and harassing each other straight up! You can also make them shoot each other, poke or smack them and other in-game secrets!

Play Talking Tom 2 – The all new and improved virtual cat!

The Virtual Cat is back, and now cooler than ever! New features, improved graphics, enhanced physics engine and voice commands! And guess who joins the party? That’s right, Ben the dog – and he’s doggier than ever! Watch these two interact with each other, make them fight, talk or just talk with you using a funny voice. You canĀ  also record short videos and share them online, or send postcards!

New – Get Talking Tom for your PC by installing BlueStacks. Playing the game on your PC is just like playing it in your Smartphone, but only more convenient and better detailed. It’s rather easy too! Just 3 simple steps to get it done so check it out!